Living our responsibility

Reliable, committed, socially engaged

As an owner-run company, we live and breathe the concept of responsibility in everything we do. Responsibility towards our customers and business partners. Responsibility for consistent quality in our services and products. Responsibility for operating the company as a going concern, and responsibility for our employees, for providing and protecting jobs, for offering training and a healthy workplace. As a company, we naturally also embrace responsibility for our social and physical environment, our culture and the society which we are proud to be a part of.

Top quality and reliability are of central importance to us. Our employees in all areas of the company are supported in their work by an array of professional structures. We pledge consistent quality in our products, a wide-ranging product portfolio tailored to our customers’ needs with an extensive inventory, modern logistics systems and sophisticated automation. We guarantee our customers optimum order processes and high supply capability.

We ensure transparency both inside and outside our organization by establishing compliance guidelines and quality management systems, and by maintaining professional certification and top ratings.


We engage in intensive exchanges of ideas and experience with our customers, partners and suppliers; we are members of industry and professional organizations and associations, enabling us to tailor our operations to the needs of markets and customers and play an active role in shaping the industry. We make the most of our expertise to continuously improve our processes and pursue open, honest dealings that benefit our customers.

In a family-run company, working together and taking care of one another are closely interwoven. Good health goes hand in hand with higher quality of life, both professional and personal, for each and every individual. We regard occupational health management as a sign of appreciation and respect. In addition to establishing extensive occupational safety measures, we hold regular health promotion and preventive health campaigns for our workforce. We are part of Bündnis Gesundheit Ellwangen (Ellwangen Health Alliance), a group of nine companies that jointly organize an annual fitness and health programme for their employees.