Products and services

Fast, flexible, reliable

Wholesale steel and steel products make up our core business, which spans rolled, high-grade and stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and reinforced steel as well as steel-related products in the fields of wire products, ironware, gratings and grilles, civil engineering products and reinforcement technology. We are authorized dealers for brands including Halfen and Raex.

Offering a uniquely broad and deep range of products for B2B sales, we precisely address the many-faceted needs of our customers from industry, trade, construction and retail. Our innovative inventory and logistics systems guarantee impressive performance and rapid response.

We supply a comprehensive range of specialist B2B products in our areas of expertise: roofs and facades, plastics, tools and machinery, workshop and factory equipment, and gates and doors. Our occupational safety products include occupational safety equipment as well as clothing, with all customization and personalization options for a top-to-toe corporate look.

Because we have a uniquely extensive product range with never-out-of-stock items and efficient logistics, our speed and delivery capability are second to none.

We currently hold around 50,000 different products permanently in stock for our customers. With state-of-the-art warehousing and information technology, we have a turnover of approx. 200,000 tonnes of steel and steel products per year. Every day over 50 of our own vehicles set out on intelligently designed delivery routes, supplying our customers several times a week.

We also provide an extensive range of services and preprocessing, e.g.:

  • Sawing, blasting and corrosion inhibition
  • Cutting and bending welded steel mesh and reinforced steel rings and bars
  • Cutting plastics and sandwich panels to size