Great reasons to start a future with Kicherer

Quality is paramount in everything we do. Quality in our work and our performance, and quality as an employer and training company. Quality is our motivation, and quality is fun – for our customers, and for our staff.

Kicherer stands for the security and solidity of a company that has grown organically and steadily. Growth is our motivation and our incentive. With our eyes on the future, we aim to constantly do better and better, day after day. A programme of ongoing investments secures the survival of our company and our competitive edge – both now and in the future.

As an owner-operated medium-sized company, we are extremely flexible and independent, always taking the direction that we feel is best for our company. Decisions are made rapidly and independently. This hones our competitive edge, and allows our employees scope for their own professional development.

We focus on creating dynamic interaction between young and old, and building a healthy, happy working atmosphere. As well as being a member of Ellwangen Health Alliance, we organize plentiful activities ourselves to promote the health of our workforce.

We continuously focus our direction on the market and on our customers’ needs. We supply quality. We have a uniquely extensive product range of never-out-of-stock items and state-of-the-art logistics systems, which have earned us the status of a role model in our industry.

Diversity is enriching. Kicherer stands for diversity in every respect: the diversity of our unique product portfolio and our customer base, the diversity of the people in our workforce, the diversity of their careers, and the diversity of the industries we serve

As a family company, our strategy is to build long-term partnership-based relationships, with our employees and customers alike. We practise openness, mutual respect and appreciation, and the principles of the Honourable Merchant in our dealings with one another. Kicherer – the company everyone can rely on.

Success has to be earned day by day. Success is based on the achievements of each individual, and the smooth teamwork of everyone together. Dedication and loyalty are rewarded. Our motto is: “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.“ (Henry Ford)